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With summer a blink away now’s not the time for a malfunctioning air conditioner. An A/C that goes clink is trying to tell you something. It’s time to pay attention to your loud AC and remedy the noise before it’s too late.

A fully functioning air conditioner keeps your home cool and quiet. When you work from home, any annoying sounds create distractions and affect how you work. Less noise improves productivity, helping you stay on task and get more down.

Also, when you’re A/C purrs like a kitten, you sleep like a bear. Cold, quiet environments promote rest. People sleep better in cool, ambient surroundings.

Is your AC making all sorts of loud noises? We explain the possible reasons why and how to quiet down your loud AC in this guide.

A Loud A/C Indicates a Damaged or Dirty Fan Blade

With a properly functioning A/C, the fan pulls air through a filter, over cold evaporator coils, and back into the room. The process circulates cold, ambient air throughout a room.

If the fan blade gets bent, damaged, or accumulates excess dirt, it creates an imbalance in the system. The air conditioner makes you aware of that imbalance by making odd, loud noises.

You can use the system’s manual to remove the cover and clean the fan yourself. Inspect the evaporator and coils as well, cleaning them if necessary.

If you notice irreparable damage to the fan, contact a professional for maintenance.

You Have a Broken Crankshaft

Banging and clanking are clear signs of something broken or loose in the air conditioner. Usually, these sounds indicate issues with the crankshaft, connecting rod, or piston pin.

All of these parts are inside the compressor.

As your air conditioner ages, so does the compressor. Over time the parts inside the compressor loosen or break down. When they do, they create a banging and clanking sound inside the compressor.

Get all these parts replaced by a professional. If necessary, replace the compressor altogether.

Your System Has a Leak or Flying Debris in It

That buzzing you hear isn’t a bee trapped inside your A/C’s vent. It’s a sign of a refrigerant leak or flying debris in the unit.

A refrigerant leak happens when the air conditioning unit freezes up. The air runs, but it doesn’t cool because it’s losing refrigerant. Get the leak fixed and the refrigerant replaced.

Also, during the A/C’s on and off intervals, it’s possible for debris to fly inside the unit and get stuck. Depending on the type of debris, it makes the unit sound like it’s close to breaking down.

Turn the unit off and see if you can remove the debris yourself. Doing so shouldn’t be a difficult task.  If you’re uncomfortable, have someone else do it for you.

Quiet Down Your Air Conditioner

A loud A/C is a true sign of low efficiency in your unit. Get your peace back by getting all the clinks and clanks fixed.

Let us do it for you. Call us today and set up a maintenance and repair appointment today.

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