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Preventive Maintenance Plans in Stillwater, OK

The Advantage Service Rewards Program is a seasonal tune-up and professional cleaning of your heating and/or air conditioning and/or heat pump equipment. Your agreement includes two (2) cleaning and check-ups per year to be performed Monday thru Friday during the normal working hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. A check-up is performed on your furnace in the fall and another checkup is performed on your air conditioner or heat pump in the spring. The Advantage Service Rewards Program does not include repairs (labor or parts) for any problems detected during the tune-up or for any required emergency service calls. It does include priority scheduling and priority emergency service calls (nights & weekends). The Advantage Service Rewards Program Membership is good for 1 year and is renewable.

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Advantage Plus Comfort Club Logo

Benefits of Advantage Plus Comfort Club

Convenient – Between work, family, friends, sports, and hobbies, the last thing you have on your mind is having the heating & air conditioning equipment serviced and maintained.  A busy lifestyle leaves less time for the inconvenience of scheduling a repair on heating and air conditioning equipment.  Joining the Advantage Service Rewards Program means we will call you and remind you that it is time to service your equipment and schedule a maintenance call at your convenience.  Having your equipment professionally maintained will also prevent the inconvenience of some major repairs prematurely.

Offers Peace of Mind – You can think of a number of alternatives to spending your hard-earned dollars on major heating and air conditioning equipment repair.  Our Advantage Service Rewards Program requires certain components to be checked and others to be cleaned.  A professional cleaning may prevent component damage from clogged or dirty filters and coils and the inspection may also detect problems that could cause major component failure if not serviced in a timely manner.​

Extends Equipment Life – Heating and air conditioning equipment represent a significant investment for most homeowners.  Having the equipment serviced and cleaned by a professional Heat/Air technician will extend its life expectancy, in the same way, servicing a car extends its life expectancy.  Equipment that is properly maintained will continue to operate over a longer period of time and operate more efficiently and very likely postpone the necessity of investing in new equipment prematurely.​

Preferred Scheduling – We guarantee all owners of the Advantage Service Rewards Membership a response time no longer than two (2) business days from the first call for service.  In spite of good maintenance, heating, and air conditioning equipment does occasionally require repairs but joining the Advantage Service Rewards Program means you are quickly worked into the schedule so your system is returned to good working order.

New Equipment Discounts –Being a member of the Advantage Service Rewards Program also allows you to receive a 10% discount on parts required to get the unit in good operating condition, as well as a 10% discount on any new equipment, installed. (Cannot be used with any other advertised offers &/or discounts.)

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Service Rewards Program

Twice a Year—Cleaning, Servicing & Checking Unit(s).
We Contact You And Schedule The Cleaning & Service When It Is Convenient For You.
Guaranteed Response Time—Within Two (2) Business Days Of The First Call For Service.
10% Discount On Any New Equipment or Parts Installed. (Cannot be used with any other advertised offers &/or discounts.)
Safety & Convenience.
Extends Equipment Life.
Reduces Operating & Utility Costs.
Vent Pipe & Gas Piping Visual Inspections.
Heat Exchanger Inspection & Carbon Monoxide Test.

We Proudly Service North Central and North East Oklahoma

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