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A leak might not seem like a big issue, but the average household can waste around 10,000 gallons of water every year.

It’s important to deal with leaks as soon as you can, but the first thing you might be asking is “Why is my faucet dripping?”. There are several possible causes, and it can be difficult to determine exactly what the issue is. Fixing a faucet can also be very tricky for those who don’t have much experience.

Let’s take a look at why your faucet may be leaking so you can determine if you need to hire a local plumber in Stillwater, OK.

Why Is My Faucet Dripping?

In many situations, faucet leaks are fairly simple to diagnose and deal with, but this isn’t always the case. You may need to hire a plumber to determine exactly what the issue is.

Water Pressure

When you turn off a faucet, pay attention to the dripping. If it changes when you turn on another faucet, there’s likely a problem with the water pressure. This can be quite a big issue, so you’ll want to hire a home plumbing company to deal with this.

Cartridge Faucet

In this type of faucet, a cartridge regulates how much water goes through the faucet. This can wear down or loosen with time, allowing water to leak through. Replacing the cartridge should solve this problem.

Broken Seals

Seals are a small (but essential) component for preventing leaks. When an inlet or outlet seal breaks or wears down, your faucet will likely start leaking. As water sediment builds up on seals, they deteriorate faster.

Valve Seat

A valve seat is another area where sediment can collect, and this can result in a leak. The valve seat connects the spout to the faucet, so when these fail, a leak will usually occur near the spout.

Bad O-Ring

The O-ring keeps a faucet stable and in place. These can wear down with time and lead to leaks. A leak from a corroded o-ring will typically occur near the handle of a faucet.

Loose or Broken Parts

Faucets have quite a few parts, and many of these can come loose or break. If you notice a component is broken, you should replace it as soon as possible to prevent a leak from starting or to stop an existing leak. You may be able to adjust loose parts and get them back into place, but they’ll often need replacing too.


Bad washers are another possible cause of leaks. This may happen if they’re incorrectly installed or if they’ve deteriorated. A professional plumbing repair company can assess the issue and resolve it.

Problems Caused by a Leaky Faucet

If you spot a leak, you should contact a plumbing maintenance company as soon as you can. Leaks don’t fix themselves, and if left for a while, they can lead to much larger issues.

Water Damage

Water damage can be a major issue in a home. If it gets bad enough, it can cause serious structural damage that will cost a lot to repair.

Most of the time when this happens it’s the result of a leak that isn’t easily noticeable (such as pipes under floorboards). With a leaky faucet, you should spot it in time to prevent this from happening.

Wasted Water

A faucet drip may not seem like a huge amount of waste, but it all adds up with time. This can impact local water sources. Fortunately, Oklahoma typically doesn’t suffer from water shortage issues too much, but this can still be a significant waste.

High Water Bills

On top of simply wasting water, a leak will cost you money. Every month that goes by with a dripping faucet is a month that you’ll be spending more on water than you should be. Adding this to the cost of repairs means that the most cost-effective solution is to contact a plumbing company as soon as you can.

Mold and Mildew Growth

This is another problem that can happen if a leak is left untreated for a long time. Mold and mildew thrive in moist environments, and this can contaminate faucets and the surrounding area. This can present a health risk to you and your family, so it’s something you want to avoid.

Bear in mind it can be very difficult to fully eliminate mold and mildew. Dealing with a leak as soon as possible to prevent growth is the best option.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

Depending on the issue, you may be able to fix a leaky faucet yourself. With that in mind, there are several reasons to hire a professional instead.

No Need to Buy Tools

Plumbing tools can be very expensive, and most people don’t have them just lying around the house. If you want to fix a leak on your own, you’ll first need the right tools.

This alone could end up costing you more than it would to hire a professional. Plumbing companies also use the best tools available, so you won’t have to settle for cheaper tools that will make things more difficult.


Professional plumbing companies offer warranties for their work. If they repair a leak and it comes back as a result of the repairs they’ve done, they’ll be able to deal with it without you having to pay again.

Reduce Further Damage

Anyone who isn’t properly trained could end up doing more harm than good. If you damage your plumbing you’ll then need to pay for even more expensive repairs, so hiring a professional is often more cost-effective.


A professional with training and experience will have a much better idea of what they’re doing than you will. This will ensure a better job that’s likely to cause fewer issues in the future.

‘Professional Plumber Near Me’

So you’re no longer asking “Why is my faucet dripping?”, but you may still be uncertain of what to do. Trying to repair it yourself is risky, so it’s best to seek out professional plumbing services.

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