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Leaky pipes in homes across the U.S. have the potential to waste as much as 1 trillion gallons of water each year. That’s a waste of both resources and money. Burst pipes are a serious clue that your plumbing needs attention. It can also cause tons of expensive water damage. The question is, what are the other signs you need to consider repiping your home? Read on to decide if you need to plan on replacing plumbing, plus learn the best time to do it.

If You Have Brown or Rusty Water

If you use your water every day, this can be a tough sign to notice. The best strategy is to run the water after you’ve been gone for a few days or after a vacation.

If the water that’s been sitting in the pipes comes out looking brown or rusty, it means you have corrosion in your pipes. While this isn’t dangerous for your health, it can stain your sink or tub and can eventually lead to burst pipes. You should consider repiping soon.

You Notice Dimpling or Stains on Pipes

Look at the outside of your exposed pipes. Do they look stained, discolored, dimpled, or flaky? These are all signs of interior damage or corrosion.

It could lead to a water leak or a burst pipe. Hire a plumber for an evaluation. They’ll help you decide if you need to replace some or all of the pipes in your home.

You Have Pipes Made from Lead or Polybutylene

Lead and polybutylene are both problematic materials for plumbing. If you have either material in your home, it’s one of the most critical reasons to replace your piping.

Lead pipes have been around since the early 1900s, but can release lead into your water supply and cause lead poisoning. It can lead to neurological symptoms, aches and pains, and abdominal issues.

Polybutylene pipes were popular in the 70s through the 90s and they’re very brittle. It’s important to replace these pipes as soon as you find them as they can burst easily.

You’re Renovating

Once you’ve learned some potential warning signs you need repiping, the next question is when to do the installation. While lead pipes or overly corroded ones need replacing as soon as possible, there are other cases when you can wait until it’s more convenient.

The best time to install new water lines or replace hidden plumbing is during a renovation. If you’re updating your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, have a plumber evaluate the plumbing and fix any problems they see. Since the walls are open anyway, they won’t have to tear out any plaster to fix the plumbing.

If you have a lot of exposed pipes, a plumber can replace much of it without damaging the walls or plaster.

Is it Time to Consider Replacing Plumbing?

Replacing plumbing can mean cutting into walls, but it’s a necessary upgrade to your home. You’ll improve your water quality and lower your risk of leaks and water damage.

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