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More and more people are jumping onto the “green living” train. Are you one of them?

As we’ve become more aware of the environment and our impact on it, it’s been made apparent that we need to be more earth-friendly. We each need to do our part to lower our carbon footprint.

Aside from recycling and using sustainable products, how can we do that? Did you know that water purification for your laundry might be the answer? Let’s talk about how water purification services make your home more eco-friendly while keeping your clothes clean.

You Don’t Need Detergent

Have you ever tried cleaning your clothes without detergent? Doesn’t that sound easier (and more affordable) than the method that you’re using now?

When you get water purification services, that’s how you’ll be doing your laundry from now on.

A Laundry Pro laundry purifier uses the gases already present in water and amplifies them. Gases like hydrogen and oxygen combine to make quick work of any stains, dirt, and smells that accumulate on your laundry.

They also remove all of the detergent and soap buildups that make your clothing less soft.

Standard hard water is packed with minerals. While this isn’t bad for many things, when it comes to your laundry it can leave a strange color, cause your clothing to hold onto residue and lead to itchy and uncomfortable skin. Then you need more detergent to offset the problem.

When you clean your water for the laundry, you don’t have that problem. Sure, you could use softeners, but that’s just another chemical to put into the environment.

When you buy chemical cleaners and softeners, you’re also contributing to the problem of plastic. The majority of plastics end up in landfills, creating a massive problem for the environment.

Don’t buy any plastic packaged detergents anymore. The environment (and your wallet) will thank you.

You Only Need Cold Water

We already use a lot of hot water for our daily lives. Most people use hot water in their baths and showers and for cleaning their dishes. They don’t think about the environmental impact because they’re so used to it.

We can’t get rid of all of our hot water usage. Cleaning ourselves with cold water isn’t a good option, and some things do need hot water to get a good clean. You don’t need hot water to do your laundry, though.

Because you get a better and more natural clean with the Laundry Pro, hot water is no longer necessary. This means you don’t need to use your hot water heater or electricity as much which reduces emissions.

Make a More Earth-Friendly Home

This is one of the easiest changes you can make for an earth-friendly home. It’s cost-effective and it makes no significant changes to your normal routine. Your clothes will be softer, your skin will feel better, and you won’t need to spend excess money on detergents or heating.

What’s not to love?

If you’re a Stillwater, OK or Sapulpa, OK homeowner and this all sounds great to you, we want to help. Contact us or request an appointment today to get started.

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