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Have you ever noticed that household emergencies seem to happen at the worst moments?

If so, you aren’t alone.

This seems to be the way the universe works, creating problems when you’re in a big hurry or just don’t have the time to deal with it.

There are plenty of household chores, such as plumbing problems, that can cause major headaches, and a clogged shower drain is one of them.

There are plenty of causes of a clogged shower drain. Fortunately, learning to clear a clogged shower drain doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

This article takes a look at a few tips and tricks that will make the process as quick and easy as possible, so you can get back to more important things.

Keep reading to get the inside scoop on plumbing tips in Sapulpa or Stillwater.

Locate the Obstruction

When you notice that your shower isn’t draining properly, you should immediately shut off the water. 

The first step in solving the problem is to locate the obstruction. Keep in mind that almost anything can clog the drain, but the most likely culprit is hair that has accumulated or a mineral buildup from the hard water in your plumbing system.

Start by removing the drain plug and try to remove the hair in the shower drain by hand. Be sure to wear a pair of rubber gloves and extract the obstruction as best you can. If this doesn’t do the trick, you’ll need to move on to other options.

Boiling Water

Next, fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil. Once the water is hot enough, carefully carry the pot to the bathroom and slowly pour the boiling water into the drain. Sometimes this is enough to loosen the obstruction.

Keep in mind that you might have to repeat this process several times before successfully clearing the clog.

Use a Drain Cleaner

If the boiling water doesn’t free the clog, pour some liquid drain cleaner into the drain. You can even make your own using common household ingredients.

Use a Drain Snake

If your drain is still clogged, it might be necessary to use a drain snake to remember the problem. This is a tool designed specifically for this type of task. You can buy one at any local hardware store.

Call a Plumber

Unfortunately, sometimes a clog Sapulpa or Stillwater is too severe for a DIY repair. This can make it impossible to take a shower without the risk of flooding your bathroom.

When these situations arise, there’s no reason to panic. The key is to call a plumbing professional as soon as possible. These pros are trained to deal with clogged drains quickly and efficiently and get your shower water flowing normally again. 

The best strategy is to keep their number where it’s easy to find so you won’t have to waste a second during a plumbing emergency.

Tips for Clearing a Clogged Shower Drain

Making small repairs around the house can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, understanding how to clear a clogged shower drain is one of the best ways to keep your family happy while preventing bigger plumbing problems.

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