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Furnace HeaterAs the Oklahoma summer draws to a close, you may be thinking it’s time to fire up the furnace heater.

Once those cold snaps begin, you may be tempted to simply switch your furnace on and bask in the warmth. However, if it hasn’t been used since last winter, there are a few things you may need to do first.

Taking a proactive approach when it comes to the maintenance of your furnace will ensure that it is always safe to use and in working order. It may also help prevent any unexpected breakdowns in the middle of the night!

Here we will go through some of the basic checks that you should be doing before you fire up the heat.

A General Inspection

The best place to start with your pre-winter maintenance is by giving your furnace heater a once-over inspection. Check that the unit is free of any debris or dust that could cause a fire or any black soot.

Give the ductwork a careful check as well to see that there are no loose connections or gaps. Be sure to seal any openings you find with metal duct tape.

Make sure you turn the thermostat to heat. This may seem like a silly thing, but many people forget to do it! Check that all systems are working to keep heating the house to the perfect temperature to get you through the coming cold.

Change the Filter

The filter on your furnace should be checked and changed every few months. If you have pets that shed or allergies, you may want to do this more often. Keeping the filter new and clean helps the furnace get heat to you faster.

Check the Vents

Getting ready for winter may mean moving some furniture! If you have changed around the inside of your house since last winter, you may have covered some of the vents. Double-check this before you fire up your furnace heater.

Check that the vents and the chimney are clean. Check that there is no soot build-up and no blockages. Sometimes small animals may get trapped in the vents and or vent, so it is always good to check.

Clean Burners and Oil Blower

Over months of not being used, parts of your home heating system can fall into disrepair. Dust gathers on the burner and this will send a dusty smell through your house if not cleaned properly. The blower must be oiled every year so that it operates smoothly. Once you do turn your furnace heater on, listen for any strange noises.

Call In the Pros

It is always a good idea to schedule an inspection with your local HVAC maintenance team before winter arrives. Even if you keep your furnace in perfect condition, it never hurts to have the professionals give it a check every year.

Once you do turn your home heating system on, be aware of any strange noises or smells. Report these to the HVAC maintenance team so they can check it out.

Setting up Your Furnace Heater

Preparing your heater for those bitterly cold Stillwater months can save you unexpected trouble in the middle of winter.

Follow a few simple guidelines to maintain your furnace heater, and call in the professionals regularly, and you’ll enjoy a warm and cozy Oklahoma winter.

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