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Hi friends! Thank you for taking interest in my experience with the Air Advice evaluation. I’m about to give you all the details!

Let me preface by saying I am not a technician. I, Macy Devereaux, AM NOT a technician. I am a 26-year-old wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend with a degree in Strategic Communication from Oklahoma State University that enjoys going to the lake, traveling, spending time with family and friends, listening to classic country music, and watching our calves play in the pasture. I have a enough knowledge about this industry but I am more on the creative and numbers side of the business. This is my experience in my own (hopefully well-communicated) words.

When I first saw the Air Advice monitor, I was intrigued. I’m always interested in any kind of evaluation. Buzzfeed quizzes pull me in quite a bit and those silly ones like “What Was Your Job In The Wild West?” (I got singer, by the way *hair filp*) So when I saw that I could literally GRADE the air in my home, I was all in.

The home that my husband and I live in was built in 1968. It’s on a road that has been paved in the last seven years, which means prior to that it was constantly in a cloud of dust when someone drove by.

In 2006, the previous owners moved the duct work from the floor to the ceiling so it’s *fairly* new. We have three shedding dogs and we keep our house pretty clean for having an 8-month-old baby. (Fellow working moms, you get it!)

In April of 2018, we started a remodel on our living room and we added on a new bathroom to our master bedroom. It seems like remodels are never really finished. In October of 2019, we bought new furniture for our newly-remodeled living room. I was excited to bring my new baby home to a freshly painted, freshly carpeted, and freshly furnished living room where we would spend most of our time. Little did I know, “fresh” was not the appropriate word.

In May 2020, I brought the Air Advice monitor home and plugged it in in my living room. It’s recommended not to set it up in a kitchen or bathroom, but somewhere that won’t have fumes from cooking, etc. I anxiously awaited for my 30-minute report. In comes the email. I was shocked to see the high levels of particles and chemicals in my home. Below is the actual report from my home that you are welcome to look through. No judging 😉

The next day I asked our indoor air quality (IAQ) experts about my results and they explained that building materials and new furniture can off-gas for up to five years. What? FIVE YEARS?! Yes.

Thankfully, there are products that can pull the chemicals and particles out of the air so my family can breathe healthier air. The report lists the products that are recommended for my home.

Forty-eight hours later, I received another email with a more detailed report. It shows line graphs throughout the 48 hours for each test it did in the 30 Minute Report. See the full 48 hour report below.

It was so interesting to see when levels spiked and think about what we were doing at that time. Were we cooking dinner? Did the air conditioner kick on? Did the outdoor temperature get really high? So many different variables and it was cool to learn more about my home.

For a limited time, Advantage is offering the 30 Minute Report for only $50! If you end up purchasing any IAQ products, the $50 goes toward that.

Call today to schedule your 30 Minute Report!

Stillwater Sapulpa