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One of the first things you likely do when you wake up is go to the bathroom, use the toilet, jump in the shower, and drink a cup of joe. It’s a routine that helps freshen you up and eliminate the remaining cobwebs of sleep.

But alas, you experience plumbing problems one morning, such as a leaky faucet, clogged toilet, or non-working water heater. These issues are more likely to happen without proper plumbing maintenance.

Luckily, the best residential plumber in Stillwater, OK, has your back. They can promptly get your plumbing system back in working order using their specialized knowledge, skills, and expertise.

So, how can you find such a plumber then?

This guide provides practical tips, so read on. 

Search for Registered and Licensed Plumbers

In Stillwater, OK, it’s the law for plumbing journeymen and contractors to register with the City. However, they must first have an active trade license to apply for registration. They must meet all these requirements before they can even perform plumbing work within the City limits.

But why should that matter to you? 

A Valid Indicator of Credibility

You can rest assured that a registered and licensed plumber is a legitimate and credible professional. That’s because for plumbing journeymen or contractors to get a license, they must meet the following requirements:

  • For journeymen, at least three years of work experience in the plumbing trade
  • For contractors, at least four years of work experience in the plumbing trade
  • For both journeymen and contractors, pass the Oklahoma Plumbing exam
  • For contractors, pass the additional Plumbing Business Law exam

With all those requirements, a plumbing license indicates a plumber’s experience and knowledge. 

Peace of Mind With a Bond

After passing the exams, plumbers who wish to get a license must purchase a $5,000.00 Corporate Surety Bond.

You’d want to work with a bonded plumber because their bond holds them financially responsible if they fail to follow codes of conduct and state laws. Such a failure allows you, the party that hired the plumber, to seek financial compensation by filing a claim against the bond. 

So, you can rest easy knowing that if a bonded plumber does something wrong, their bond will cover your losses. 

Assurance With Insurance

Licensed plumbers carry at least $50,000 in commercial general liability insurance.

Commercial general liability insurance protects you, the customer, from problems that may occur while the plumber works on your property. It covers injuries and property damage from on-the-job incidents on your premises. If these happen, the insurance will kick in, and you won’t be liable to pay for the injured’s medical costs or damage to your property.

But if you hire an uninsured person and such incidents occur, you’ll likely be liable to pay for the costs and losses they cause. 

Consider Length of Time in Business

A company’s length of time in business can be an indicator of its financial stability.

Financial stability is especially crucial for companies that perform warranted trade work, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing repairs, maintenance, and installations. If their finances are in a mess, they may go out of business; if they do, they can’t stand by their warranties.

Length of time in business also indicates the quality of services a local plumbing company provides. After all, if they consistently deliver subpar work, they won’t last long in the industry. 

So, whenever you have plumbing problems or concerns, choose a company in Stillwater, OK, that has been in business for years, even decades. 

Check for Upfront Pricing and Discounts

The best and most reliable plumbers are clear and transparent about their prices. They also offer free estimates, giving you an idea of how much you can expect to spend when you hire them for the plumbing services you need. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees, as they will break down the costs of the services and explain them to you before finalizing the contract.

Dependable plumbing companies also routinely offer service specials and discounts. So, check for these deals; they can help you save on quality services. 

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews, such as those from Google, BBB, and Home Advisor, are good sources of information about a company’s quality of service. They can tell you whether previous customers were happy and satisfied or if they won’t recommend the service provider and the reasons why. For example, pleased customers may say the plumbers came on time, finished the job promptly, and charged reasonable rates.

So, reading online reviews can help you gauge how professional and reliable a plumbing company is. The more positive and detailed the reviews are, the better. 

See if They Provide Emergency Services

Plumbing emergencies can cause property damage, disrupt daily life, and pose health risks. Examples include burst pipes or when wastewater backs up your toilets or drains. These problems should prompt you to call a plumber immediately.

A good enough reason is that both emergencies can result in significant water damage to your home. If not addressed promptly, water damage can increase your home’s indoor humidity levels and promote mold growth. Both issues can then lead to further property damage and adverse health effects

Not all plumbers in Stillwater, OK, provide emergency services, though. So, when you’re looking for a plumbing company, choose one ready to assist you 24/7. That way, you can rely on them to come and solve your plumbing issues, whether late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. 

Time to Find a Reliable Residential Plumber

The best residential plumber for all your needs is a registered, licensed, bonded, and insured professional. You can also expect them to provide free estimates, upfront pricing, and emergency services.

Advantage Plumbing Heating and Cooling meets all those criteria and more. Our company, consisting of highly trained plumbers and HVAC technicians, has provided high-quality services to Stillwater, OK, and the surrounding area for over 50 years. We also run regular money-saving deals and offer maintenance plans that can help keep your systems in top condition.

So, contact us today to schedule your plumbing service. We’ll happily discuss how we can help and even give you a free estimate!

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