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When you call a plumber, expect to pay hundreds of dollars more to get the serious water or sewer problem fixed. In many cases, this is money well spent because if you are at the point where you are ringing a plumber over a handyman, you need a serious assist as soon as possible.

Plumbing services are more expensive because these licensed, experienced construction experts work on projects requiring expertise, understanding of gases and chemicals, and making home improvement projects last a lifetime.

On the other hand, a handyman is perfect for smaller jobs where you need a few simple connections made and the job completed from beginning to end.

In the following article, we’ll discuss hiring a plumber over a handyman and how to choose the best plumber near me.

Big Jobs vs. Little Jobs

There are some jobs that you should head right to a plumber immediately. The pungent smell of sewer gases or water leaks in multiple places is a plumber issue. Also, a slow drain that is resilient to simple fixes or a sudden drop of water pressure is probably a reason to call a plumber.

One of the reasons that a plumber costs more is because they are licensed to deal with potentially dangerous and expensive situations. For example, the smell of sewer that you notice in your basement or your bathroom is undoubtedly annoying, but it also could be a sign of an explosive problem. Sewer gases like methane are highly volatile and could lead to explosions.

Also, while you might have thought about fixing the issue, a trained plumber has the equipment and experience to check the line right out to the street.

In fact, in any situation where water or sewer is out of control and dripping throughout your home, call the plumber first.

However, little jobs like installing a washer or dryer are acceptable candidates for a handyman. These jobs usually consist of a simple connection and include muscling a piece of furniture or sink.

Handyman Experience

Still, you should ask your prospective handyman for references and proof of experience. A qualified handyman will have no problem producing contacts or photos of successful jobs.

One of the better perks of going with a handyman for small jobs is that handymen tend to leave their job better than they found it. If something goes wrong, a handyman will finish cosmetic repairs.

Plumber Experience

The plumber’s experience is apparent through their license. The plumber could be a journeyman or master, but this status is usually right on the license.

However, you should not be shy about asking for references, testimonials, and proof of bonding.

Be aware, though, that when you call in a plumber, they do not replace damaged drywall or vanities. They specialize in plumbing and not the cosmetic work associated with some of these jobs. However, the plumber is likely to refer you to a handyman that they trust and work with.

Call in the Experts

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