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Did you know that 20% of homes in the US account for 45% of all nationwide cooling consumption? Running old systems to cool your home is not efficient in an age where utilities are at a premium. But what is the best method?

Two of the most popular devices are heat pumps and AC, but you may struggle to know the difference. Below, we can help you decide which is best in the heat pump vs air conditioner debate. 

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump works by taking the air from inside a building and transferring it to the outside. When it gets cold, a heat pump is also able to do this in reverse, taking heat from the ambient outdoor climate and putting it inside the home. It is even able to do this in cold temperatures. 

Why Are They Different?

The AC and heat pump similarities are vast, but there are some key differences. An air conditioner will take air already existing in the home, cool it then pump it back into the room at lower temperatures. It cannot heat unless it is connected to a furnace system. 

Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner

Knowing which is best for your needs means knowing the pros and cons. We have listed both below. 

Advantages of Heat Pumps

In a temperate climate, heat pumps are more cost-effective than other forms of heating. Not only this, but they are environmentally friendly as they don’t burn fossil fuels to heat the home. You will find they have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. 

While heat pumps are a more expensive option, many of them make you eligible for tax rebates. Your Stillwater installation expert should be able to advise you. 

Advantages of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners have a much better ability to cool the indoor climate. This can facilitate better sleep, and the purity it brings to the air can help with breathing. If you have allergies, then this is a great benefit. 

Many AC systems will also remove humidity from the air. This leaves you with a more comfortable climate all around on hot days. 

Cost of AC vs Heat Pumps

The cost of a heat pump along with its installation depends on many factors. The type of heat pump, size, and property can all play a part.

It is also worth noting that like many HVAC systems, ductwork will need installation. A heat pump could be anywhere from $4000 to $20,000.

Like a heat pump, AC costs can also vary depending on the type of AC unit, size, and installation. At the low end, you could get a small split AC unit installed for around $1000, but you could be looking at $16000 for a full property, high-end installation. 

It is worth remembering that some systems can get you rebates. You should also factor in the amount saved on utilities. 

Get Assistance

If you are still unsure of which to choose, speak with an expert. They will take into account the property, and your budget and know any savings you can make. 

Advantage should be your first stop in Stillwater, Ok. We have a range of products to keep you cool in all conditions. Contact us here and schedule a discussion with one of our expert staff. 

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