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Do you have any busted pipes or clogged drains? It’s tempting to tinker away at your plumbing problems on your own, but you risk causing more harm than good.

Plumbing remains one of those daunting tasks you’re better off leaving to a professional. This is your home we’re talking about. Your plumbing system the guts and glory of your house.

It isn’t pretty, but essential for function. Are you a homeowner in Stillwater, Sapulpa, or Tulsa? If so, here are the first six things you should ask before hiring a plumber.

1. “Are You Certified?”

Certification should be the first thing you sniff out of someone in a skilled trade. While experience is an excellent teacher, certification assures you that they have the skills required by the trade.

Certification also provides accountability as they know the local codes and safety regulations. Ask about their license how long they have been a residential plumber. Take this chance to gauge their qualifications.

2. “What Are Your Fees?”

Ask your plumber how much they’re going to charge you and for what. Some plumbers choose an hourly rate, while others have a flat rate. Establish any additional costs for repairs you incur.

Do they charge a consultation fee? Learn all the services included in the estimate to stay on the same page.

Remember that you get what you pay for. A seasoned plumber won’t rush to get the work done but instead takes time to diagnose the problem and come up with a sound solution.

Hiring a residential plumber is like hiring a doctor for your home. You don’t want to skimp out.

3. “Are You Insured?”

Ensuring the safety of the person who works in your home is necessary. Plumbing, at times, can be a dangerous trade. Check-in with their insurance to ensure that you are both protected from liability if anyone gets injured under your property.

4. “Can You Show Me Some Credentials?”

A good plumber has several satisfied clients under their belt. When hiring a plumber, ask for some references or if they have an online site with testimonials.

5. “Do You Have Experience With My Specific Problem?”

We’ve all had the occasional leaky faucet, but plumbing problems can get complicated. Ask your plumber if they’ve tackled similar situations before, what services they provide, and if they do maintenance.

You don’t want someone experimenting on your pipes. Certification can bolster your confidence. However, it’s best to hire someone with relevant previous experience.

6. “Do You Offer a Warranty?”

Can they guarantee you a well-done job on the first go? What if you have issues after the job? There’s no better reassurance than a warranty.

If they offer a warrant, layout all the specifics. Ask them how long the warranty is valid, what it entails, and any pertinent conditions. Rest easy knowing they have your back if things go south.

Tick the Checklist Before Hiring a Plumber!

Thank you for reading our article! Remember, not all home plumbers are equal. Ensure certification, insurance, and credentials when hiring a plumber to step into your home. If you’re a homeowner in Stillwater, Sapulpa, or Tulsa in need of top-notch plumbing services, contact us today!

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