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In the United States, approximately 250,000 homes are damaged by frozen or burst pipes during winter. 

Often, these homeowners fail to prepare their homes for the winter months properly. 

Keeping up with your plumbing maintenance will ensure your home does not suffer further damage from freezing temperatures. 

Continue reading to learn the necessary plumbing repair tips for this upcoming season! 

1. Insulate Pipes

Once temperatures fall below freezing, your pipes are susceptible to freezing. Freezing pipes can cause ice to build up within and pressure to rise. Once this happens, your pipes can burst due to these extreme conditions. 

To avoid burst pipes, you should insulate all exposed pipes on your property. You’ll need to check each area that does not have a heat source and find pipes that can freeze. You’ll need to insulate these pipes with foam, heat tape, or insulation. 

However, if your pipes burst, you should call your local plumber as soon as possible. These plumbers will repair the pipes so that any leaks are prevented. 

2. Maintain a Warm Temperature

Maintaining a warm temperature throughout your home is another way to ensure your pipes do not burst. A temperature above 55º Farenheight is warm enough to prevent freezing, even if you’re gone for extended periods. 

Your home’s plumbing will maintain this temperature even when the outdoor temperature is below freezing. Search for a “plumber near me” for more information regarding suggested temperatures in your area.

3. Make Necessary Repairs 

Many homeowners put off repairs once the winter season is over. However, you should make any necessary repairs as soon as possible. Doing so will help you avoid any other damage. 

Before winter approaches, you should look for plumbing services in your area. These services will inspect your plumbing and find any damages that must be repaired. These plumbers may even suggest new plumbing installation for better usage.  

4. Open Faucets

When temperatures reach below zero, it’s a good idea to open the faucets in your home. Open each faucet well enough to allow drippage. Doing so will allow the water to continue moving and prevent freezing. 

Using warm water will further help this issue. Your water heater will provide continuous heat to the pipes, leaving you with running water and minimal risk of burst pipes. 

5. Winterize Faucets

Most homes have multiple outdoor faucets that must be prepared for winter. However, not all homes have outdoor shutoff valves to prevent water from running into these areas.

Therefore, you must remove all hoses and ensure each faucet is shut off completely. Doing so will prevent any damage to the faucets from expanding ice.

Tips for Winter Plumbing Repair

These plumbing repair tips will help you prepare your home this winter. Doing so will keep your pipes and faucets from bursting and freezing. Don’t forget always to maintain a warm temperature and always winterize each outdoor faucet. 

Contact us today for any of your plumbing needs. We will take the best care of your home at Advantage Plumbing Heating and Cooling! 

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