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Did you know that doing a DIY HVAC repair can be extremely troublesome? Complex parts, specialist tools, and chemicals such as refrigerants are all required. So how do you save money and keep your system in the best condition? 

One way is with a professional plan that includes a group of services to keep everything running smoothly. Read on as we give 5 things your HVAC maintenance plan should include in Tulsa, OK. 

1. Affordability

No one wants to be surprised when provided with an HVAC maintenance plan cost. The purpose of regular maintenance is to save you money, so any company in Tulsa that gives you a quote should not cost the earth. Our Advantage Plus Comfort Club provides everything you could need in one handy pricing plan and contains a range of benefits. 

2. Guaranteed Response Times

Even regular HVAC planned maintenance may not be able to keep your system going forever. You can guarantee that when things go wrong, they won’t happen at the most convenient time either. That is why you need a guaranteed response time in your plan. 

Two days is the ideal number, so you don’t have to wait long in sweltering heat or shivering cold. For an added cost, some plans may even include emergency call-outs. These usually cover weekends and holiday times. 

3. Regular Tune-Ups

These are the main reason you would get an HVAC maintenance plan in the first place. Regular tune-ups are essential for the health of your system. The AC maintenance element will ensure everything is working at its best so that you save on energy costs. 

Your engineer will also clean the system and resolve any issues. You will be informed if any parts need replacing or are about to go. This makes your whole system last longer and prevents any unwanted breakdowns. 

4. Filter Changes

The filters are vital to keeping your system functioning at peak efficiency. When air is drawn in, filters stop dust, debris, and pollutants from getting into the air supply. However, this means that they can quickly clog. 

Clogged filters are bad for two reasons. Firstly, your system has to work overtime to suck in the air resulting in more energy use. Secondly, any air that does get through is often of poor quality. 

5. Thermostat Checks

As the main control unit, the thermostat should not get forgotten. Any AC repair-free estimate given in Tulsa should take into account the type of control unit you have. Checks and repairs should get performed regularly.

The engineer may test the unit for accuracy and recalibrate it for you. In some cases, they may recommend a total upgrade altogether. If you are unsure how to work the one you have, they will be able to set it for you to ensure you get maximum comfort. 

Booking Your HVAC Maintenance Plan

Now you know what should be included in an HVAC maintenance plan, get a range of quotes. Don’t just go for the first plan offered. Instead, shop around for the best company you can find. 

We are sure you won’t get better service than Advantage. Serving the Tulsa area, we have plumbing, heating, and AC repairs and maintenance. Take a look at our Advantage Plus Comfort Club plan here and book a consultation with one of our expert staff. 

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