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A record-breaking heatwave is already well underway for summer 2021. You need your air conditioner to operate at peak efficiency to help battle the extreme hot temperatures. If you’ve come home to discover your house is warm, you might be in desperate need of AC repair.

However, sometimes an indication for air conditioner repair isn’t as obvious. Your air conditioner might be giving you small signs that it needs maintenance work. If you ignore these signs, they can soon spiral into a massive issue.

Here are five signs you may be in need of AC repair:

1. Short Cycles of Cooling

When an air conditioner isn’t able to cool your home down to the desired temperature, the compressor will switch off. This is what you call a “cycle”.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, sweltering temperatures will be common across much of the U.S. These melting temperatures are all the more true for midwest states like Oklahoma. The temperatures are bound to put greater strain on your air conditioner and make it harder for it to keep up.

If you are noticing frequent on-and-off short cycling, you need to get in touch with a trusted air conditioning service.

2. Strange Noises from Your AC

Your HVAC system is bound to make some small sounds. However, if you notice new or loud noises coming from it, you need an air conditioning company.

For example, do you hear clicking from the outdoor unit even when it isn’t cycled on? That might be an indication of an electrical problem. If there is a clanging noise while the fan is moving in the outside unit, there could be something blocking the fan. Squealing noises might signal an issue with the belt.

Whatever the type of noise you hear, seek out HVAC services.

3. Water Is Leaking Out

Have you noticed water dripping from the air conditioner? Have you discovered a pool of water beneath your air conditioning unit that’s in the basement?

There are various causes for why your air conditioner might be leaking water. It could be that your drain line is clogged. Maybe the condensation pipes are blocked. Either way, you’ll need the help of a residential HVAC company.

4. Foul Smell from the AC

If there’s a musty smell coming from the AC vents, your unit may be in need of repairs. There could be stagnant water trapped inside the AC that isn’t able to drain as intended. It could also be hinting at mold problems and electrical issues.

To discover the problem, contact a local HVAC company in your area.

5. Low Airflow

Poor airflow is perhaps one of the most common problems you’ll encounter when your AC is in need of repairs. If there’s little air blowing from the vents, then your air conditioner is struggling to circulate cool air throughout your home.

When this happens, there could be a problem with the compressor or a blockage within the air ducts. An HVAC technician will be able to tell you what the specific problem is.

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