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Did you know the highest recorded temperature in Stillwater, OK was 115 degrees in August of 1936? More common summer temperatures in Stillwater and Sapulpa climb to the mid-90s. So if your air conditioning unit is on the fritz, you’ll know. Don’t wait until summer hits to get your unit inspected. Check out these five common heating and air conditioning problems.

Know what to look for so you can get in touch with a qualified AC repair service as soon as you need one.

1. Blocked Filter

One of the most common reasons for HVAC repair is a blocked or clogged filter. You should be replacing your filter every other month, especially during the summer.

A clogged filter can limit the amount of air moving through your unit. This can hike up your electricity bill as your HVAC uses more energy to cool your home. In the winter, a blocked filter can also make your furnace overheat.

Thankfully, you don’t need professional help to replace your HVAC filter. Just make sure you shut off your unit and discard the old filter first.

But if you’d rather have help, call a heating and cooling repair service in Sapulpa or Stillwater, OK.

2. Leaking Refrigerants

Another common reason for heating and cooling repair is leaking refrigerant. The refrigerant cools the air within your unit. If it’s leaking, your unit will no longer be effective.

You may see the refrigerant built up on your unit’s coils or spot moisture near your vents. You may even notice an unpleasant smell. All of these are signs that your refrigerant may be leaking.

In that case, turn off your unit and schedule an appointment to have it repaired.

3. Broken Thermostat

The thermostat is what controls your heating and cooling supply – if it’s broken, you’ll know right away. No matter how high you set it, your home will stay cold, or vice versa.

The issue may be as simple as needing to replace your thermostat’s batteries. If that’s the case, gently remove the thermostat from your wall and take out the old battery. Note the size and type and replace it with the same kind.

However, if problems persist, it’s best to get professionals involved. Heating and AC repair in Oklahoma can get your thermostat up and running again with one or two visits.

4. Unusual Sounds

Occasionally, your heating and AC unit may start making unusual sounds. This is always a sign that something has gone wrong. Typically, some part of the mechanism is malfunctioning or has become damaged.

In that case, know how to quiet a loud AC unit by reaching out to an AC maintenance and repair company in Sapulpa. Oftentimes, they’ll need to take your unit apart to determine which piece is causing the noise.

5. Lack of Cold or Hot Air

Is your furnace not pumping in hot air in the winter? Is your AC unit on but your home is still warm? These are further signs that your system is in need of repair.

If your furnace is the problem, try checking the pilot light. If the light is off and you can’t ignite it, you may be low on gas. As for your AC unit, the refrigerant may be low or your filter might be too dirty.

When in doubt, consult with a professional HVAC repair service in Oklahoma.

Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems

Heating and air conditioning problems often pop up due to a lack of regular maintenance. You may have avoided changing your HVAC filter or ignored that rattling sound for months. Advantage can help you repair or maintain your HVAC system.

It’s time to have your heating and air conditioning unit back up and running. To get started with a quote, contact us here.

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