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Did you know that a leaky faucet can waste 3,000 gallons of water a year? We may think that something as insignificant as that doesn’t matter. But in reality, you’re paying for more than 180 showers that you never take!

There are other plumbing myths that could be costing Sapulpa, OK households big time. We’re going to bust four of them so that you can keep your home plumbing in great shape and avoid expensive repairs.

Myth #1 – Flushable Wipes Are Fine to Flush

The myth of flushable wipes is one that continues to baffle plumbers around the world. They just don’t break down in seconds as toilet paper does. Worst case scenario they get wadded into balls and stuck in your home plumbing system.

If you want to reduce the likelihood of an expensive plumbing repair, our advice is to throw wipes in the trash and stick to only flushing toilet paper.

Myth #2 – It’s Fine to Pour Grease Down the Drain

There are lots of theories about how you can get away with putting grease down your drain. Maybe you’ve heard that you can mix it with dish soap or hot water and it’ll somehow do no harm. The fact is that there is no safe way to throw grease or oil down your sink.

It will eventually cool and congeal on the inside of your pipes. Over time this will be like velcro to other food particles as they pass by. You’ll have to call Sapulpa plumbing services to fix a totally avoidable problem.

Myth #3 – Liquid Drain Cleaners Are All You Need

Liquid drain cleaner advertisements can make it sound like they’re the solution to all your clogs, period.

The problem is that when you chuck a bunch of corrosive chemicals down the drain, it’s not just the clog that gets eaten up. They can also do damage to your pipes. 

It can eat away at both plastic and metal pipes, so use it with caution. The best way to thoroughly clean a clogged pipe without wrecking your plumbing installation is to call a local plumber to sort it out.

Myth #4 – Gurgling Water Heaters Explode

This is a frightening myth, but it’s nonsense nonetheless. If you hear rumblings or gurgling noises from your water heater, a little plumbing maintenance is in order. It’s telling you that it’s dirty and needs a little help.

Over time, deposits can build up in the tank. This comes from the minerals that naturally occur in water. The problem is that they make the heater work less efficiently.

They’ll need more electricity or gas to heat the water. If you leave them too long, leaks could start to happen which are potentially dangerous. 

Choose Advantage for All Your Sapulpa Plumbing Needs

It can be hard to figure out how plumbing myths get started, but they are sure expensive for many homeowners!

If you’re worried about your plumbing, there’s no need to start Googling ‘plumber near me.’ You’re already in the right place.

At Advantage Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we’re ready for all your residential and commercial plumbing needs. We’re proud to serve North Central and North East Oklahoma.

Give us a call at (918) 215-8729 or schedule a visit online today.

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